Excerpt from a converstation w/ Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo…

When I was in India, I learned that folks there did not call Mother Teresa “Mother Teresa”; they just called her “Mother.” The reason was that she was a mother. Over and over I met kids she had raised. She earned that title, and her credibility as a champion for life, not because she went around picketing abortion clinics with signs saying “Abortion is Murder.” She was a champion for life because she accompanied women and kids in tough situations—integrity you can’t argue with.no more death

Our ideologies come with responsibility. In my neighborhood, to be against abortion means we have to figure out what to do when a fourteen-year-old girl gets pregnant. If we are really pro-life, we had better have some foster kids and teen moms living with us to prove it. I don’t want to just be an anti-abortion or anti-death person. I want to be pro-life. For far too long, we Christians have been known more by what we are against than by what we are for. I am ready for a Christianity that is consistently committed to life and all about interrupting death everywhere it raises its ugly face. We are Resurrection people. When Jesus rose from the dead he declared essentially, “Death, thou art dead.” I am ready to see Christians make that same declaration. Death, thou art dead.

Shane Claiborne

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