Being Church Now

There is absolutely nothing new about a new form of church. The church, the Body of Christ, is always changing. We take our form in the local and global environment of our particular period of history. We bring our society, the total global community, to God’s vision of newness, and we ask what Jesus would want his community to look like now, against this global backdrop…For me, this is what real church right-here-right-nowwill look like NOW: small family groups of radical diversity, coming together to learn to absorb pain at new depths, where we can be nurtured in and trained to spread Love and be held accountable for our primary life’s work of witnessing to the Source of that Love. I believe it is not only possible to be church in this way – it is absolutely necessary. We might even begin measuring our faithfulness each year not by how many causes we have espoused but by how many hearts we have helped to open. I’m not talking about twisting people’s wills or persuading their minds, but gently picking the locks of their hearts – becoming such well-tuned locksmiths that hearts can be eased open for a mighty in-rushing of Love.

– N. Gordon Cosby

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