Thursday Follow UP

Please continue to pray over and think about the discussion on Thursday.  If you weren’t there below is the handout we used this past Thursday at house church:

We are disciples of Jesus, we accept Him and desire to carry out His ways in order to bring glory to God. These expectations are some of the ways that the House Church has deemed valuable in becoming more like the Jesus we have accepted and follow.

  • Relational Investment


  1. Meeting in small groups throughout the week
  2. Checking up and following up with people in one on one situations
  3. Supporting each other in relationships and activities outside of house church
  • Holy Spirit Driven


  1. Make time to listen, pray and meditate to the Holy Spirit individually and as a group.
  2. Follow up with each other on prayer requests.
  3. Ask for prayer when needed.
  • Social Justice


  1. Be aware of and respond to justice needs locally and globally
  2. Serve Common Ground and house church
  • Scripturally anchored


  1. Read the Bible, individually and as a group
  2. Seek scripturally based resources.
  3. Use scripture to edify, encourage, and speak truth into the lives of others.
  • Engage with Jesus outside of Thursday


  1. Engage in regular conversations about Jesus outside of house church
  2. Spend intentional time with Jesus regularly (read, pray, walk in creation).
  3. As a group and individually, intentionally interact with people who might not be disciples.

Read through the expectations and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in your response to them.

Take some time to remember or read through the gospels and find evidence of Jesus giving value to these expectations.

Some questions to ask the Spirit:

How has striving to cultivate some of these ways deepened your faith/beliefs and be specific?

How have I benefited or been blessed by being in a community that values these expectations?

How have I contributed or been disciplined in carrying out these expectations? Ask the Spirit to highlight those that are strengths for you.

Ask the Spirit to highlight a few that we as a house church could be more disciplined in and as an individual highlight a few that you would like to explore more/be disciplined more in carrying out? (This will be part of the focus for this Thursday.  Please be praying and thinking about this.  More details to come.)

-M. S. S.



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