The Charismatic Stream Challenge

Hey everybody,

I forgot to mention last week during our Charismatic Stream conversation, how we plan to  engage in this stream this month. This is obviously not the only way the Spirit may move this month as we give attention to this stream, but hopefully practicing this particular rule together will hold us accountable to engage.

Listening to everyone speak about last month’s challenge, the Sermon on the Mount, was edifying and encouraging! So this month, the challenge is to pray for someone in the moment. Nate’s testimony was beautiful, there are times when you are praying intellectually from your head, but then there are times when the words flow in that particular moment that you know are Spirit inspired for the benefit of the person.  In order for the Spirit to move, we must practice. This month when you find yourself speaking with someone and you want to respond by saying I will be praying for you, change your response to: Can I pray for you right now? Pray and see what happens. Words from Richard Foster: “In this way we will fulfill the words of the great Apostle of the Spirit (Paul): “Since you are eager for spiritual gifts, strive to excel in them for the building up the church” (1 Corinth 14:12).


Happy Birthday Karey!


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