We are a faith community that is figuring out what it means to be followers of Christ. We are more than a bible study – we are striving to be a corporate, physical representation of Jesus in today’s culture. We choose to not focus on religion or tradition so we can truly follow the example of living that Jesus gave us. We believe we are called to have a balanced participation in the Kingdom of God in the here and now. There are 4 aspects of Christ’s life we are attempting to follow –  1. Study of God’s word (the bible and other texts). 2. Being led individually and corporately by the Holy Spirit. 3. Actively seeking social justice for all people. 4. Living as a community while allowing space for solitude/individual time with God. Our Thursday night gatherings are only a part of what it means to be a house church. We are a faith community each day of the week. We believe we have been called to spur each other on, hold each other accountable and live into each other’s lives (Acts 2 & 4) as a sort of “second family”. Together, our desire is to deepen our love and relationship with God as well as all others for His glory.


We are part of Common Ground Christian Church in Indianapolis, IN.


Nehemiah Night is an evening set aside each month for the corporate body of Common Ground to gather to pray. We meet at the Midtown building on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30. This tradition has also been transferred to our house church. We have set aside the third Thursday of the month to focus on speaking with, listening to and meditating on God. We spend the evening praying for each other, for Common Ground, local and global communities, ministry partners, social justice, or whatever else the Holy Spirit brings to our minds. The evening can also be a time for learning or practicing different approaches to communicating with Jesus. For example, the practice of Lectio Divina – a slow, intentional and contemplative praying of the scriptures which enables sections of the bible to become a means of union with God.


Our house church takes one Thursday each month to practice the discipline of communion. This typically involves a meal together in addition to conversation and fellowship. The name “153 Thursday”, as well as the intention of the evening, was inspired from the 21st chapter of the book of John.


The purpose of a Vision Trip is to experience and encounter God in places and ways outside of our normal settings. It is not our goal to “take Jesus there” or to set an example by working on a project or building something – such as in a traditional mission trip. Rather, we hope to see Him already moving in amazing ways we’ve never seen in nature, people and spirit and to be open and willing to experience whatever He has planned for us. In doing so, we hope to gain a new perspective of our Creator and to deepen our relationships with Him and His people.


We all have spiritual gifts available to us through the Holy Spirit. We believe that we can be used to show Christ’s love and compassion through service to those in and beyond our community . Our hope is that we will keep our eyes, ears and hearts open to all the ways we can serve and glorify Jesus by serving all his creation.


The money box was set up to give house church members the opportunity to donate money that can be used to meet the needs of people we interact with as well as international, national and local organizations. The house church decides as a group through prayer and discussion how the money will be handled. Along with donations from our house church members, we also have occasional fundraisers.