House Church: Maundy Thursday Service

This week for house church we will be attending the Maundy Thursday service at Second Presbyterian Church. The service goes from 8-9pm.  The address is 7700 North Meridian Street.  If you want to carpool, we will leave KayLeo at 7:30 pm or you can meet us in front of the church at 7:50pm.  Feel free to bring your dinner to KayLeo any time after 6pm! For more information on what Maundy Thursday click here:


Other announcements:

Friday, April 14: Good Friday Service at Midtown starting at 6:30

Saturday, April 15: Angie’s secret birthday party featuring an Easter Egg Hunt and the Worn Souls Blues Band.

Saturday, April 29 morning time: Neighborhood Pancake breakfast at KayLeo

Saturday, 6 and 13: Mosaic Class from 10am-noon at KayLeo.

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House Church: April 6

At house church tomorrow (April 6) we will continue through the house church leaders manual (the section titled Developing a Shepherd’s heart) well as spend some time processing through some of the recent announcements regarding house church and Jeff’s transition to Northeast.  If time, we will read through Titus.  House church starts at 7pm at Jason and Melissa’s.


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House Church: Thursday, March 30, 2017

This Thursday is our meal night at the DeaKyne’s house starting at 6:30. The theme is: TRADITIONAL POTLUCK. Please sign up to bring your favorite POTLUCK food to share. Remember to bring your own utensils and plates as well as your own drink. (No dessert is needed as birthday dessert will be covered).

We will also follow up on how you have connected with the Lord over the past month.  Jeff Dunbar has the centering and benediction.

Ideas for potluck: casseroles, salads, classic food, rolls, etc. (1 bag of chips will be enough!)



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House Church: 3/24/2017

House Church this week is at the Hauger’s house starting at 7pm.  We will be discussing future plans for the house church as well as spending some time dreaming about your ideas for house church.  Please be praying about your role in our house church.

Centering and Benediction: Jeff Dalverny


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HC at Deakynes Thurs. March 16th

Hey everybody,

As we continue our making disciples focus, we are going to take a break from the House Church Leaders guide and spend some time discussing Lent and Kairos moments, which can also be intentional tools to be used when discipling or leading. Melissa has the centering and Kessa has the benediction (thank you ladies!). Come ready to share a Kairos moment from your life. We will be meeting at the Deakynes again this week (a bit of a change in our normal schedule) at 7pm.



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House Church: Thursday, March 9. 2017

This Thursday we will have house church at the DeaKyne’s house starting at 7pm.  We will focus on Practices for House Church.  Each group will lead the whole group in an exercise from their assigned part. Groups are:

Practicing the presence of God: Brian, Joe, Kessa, and Karey

Reading the Scripture for transformation: Grant, Brad, and Melissa

Praying with expectation: Jeff, Jeff, Stef and Lisa

Each group has about 15-20 minutes to lead the group through an experience.

Centering: Grant

Benediction: Brad



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House Church: Thursday, March 2, 2017

House church this week will be at the Hauger’s home starting at 7pm.  We will get back into the House Church Leader’s Guide. Please look over the section entitled Practices for House Churches.  This week we will have an overview of each of these and the following weeks we will focus more specifically on each practice.

Remember, Plan A is always and option. Also, connecting with Jesus and spiritual formation takes both supernatural work and person effort. Challenge yourself to do something new this week to open yourself to hearing from the Holy Spirit.

Ash Wednesday service is this Wednesday at Midtown starting at 6:30 pm.


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