Thursday Night HC Ideas

The following are a few ideas (grouped by quadrants) for what we can do on Thursday nights. Feel free to ask if you have any questions or need an explanation.

 Bible Based –

-Read aloud a book of the Bible in one setting.

– O.T. & N.T. Parallels – read passages from the old and new testament that parallel each other. Compare and contrast. What is the meaning? What do they point to?

-Imagination Reading of a story in Scripture: Put yourself in the scene. What do you see, smell, hear, and feel?

– Who are you? Are you an outsider, right beside the main character, the main character? What are you thinking? How would you respond?

 -Lectio Divina

 – Write down 5 things you once thought to be true about Christianity, but now doubt or disagree with. Discuss inlarge group. Write down 5 things you now believe to be true. Discuss in group.

 – In groups, read stories/passages from the Old Testament or New Testament that we may be familiar with on a general level, but not on a detailed level. Have each group come up with things that are new to them, questions, etc…share with large group.

 – Have everyone bring 2 verses ( or short sections of verses) that speak to their current walk with God. Share.

 Spirit Led –

– Have everyone give 1 specific thing they want prayer for. Take a few minutes to ask the Holy Spirit to speak to them or us. Ask for an answer to a question or to reveal something related.

 – Group confession: spend time in prayer asking the Holy Spirit to give us humility, grace and to encourage us to confess to individuals or the group of any ways we have wronged them.

 -Simply listen for a word, ask for a picture/vision, or scripture for yourself, other individuals or the group as a whole.

 -Ask: What is God doing in our church?

– Take turns sharing personal dreams/visions. 2 for you, 2 for HC and 2 for community.

 – Spend time in prayer.

Relational –

-The one question exercise. Everyone answers the question. Spend as much time as you feel like you need per person. Some questions are for the entire group, some may demand smaller groups and gender specific.

Examples: If your idols are like a totem pole, which one are all the others built upon so that if you axed it the otherswould crumble?What do you daydream about?How do think about your future?What occupies your thoughts?What do you spend most of your time doing?What would you like to spend most of your time doing?In what ways do you envy others?What are the idols of yoru heart and what are you doing to crucify them?Why are you are part of our church?

– Everybody brings 3 questions (that anyone can answer). They go into a bowl and we take turns drawing a question randomly. Each person gets 1 pass.

 – Get in groups of 3. For each person say 1 positive memory of them, 1 thing they do you appreciate& 1 thing you wish they would do different. Everyone switch groups to all new people & do it again.

 – In 2 groups, take 10 minutes and have people write a list of how they know when they have integrity. Try for at least 10 examples (see Donald miller post from June 24th). Read lists and compare, ask follow up questions, etc…Switch half of each group and do the same for kindness.

 – Sacred places – each share a place that is sacred to us (place where we can be close to God).

 Ignatian Exercise:

•Become aware of God’s presence. Look back on the events of the day in the company of the Holy Spirit.

•Review the day with gratitude.

•Pay attention to your emotions- What is God saying through those emotions?

•Choose one feature of the day and pray from it.

•Look toward tomorrow.

-Walk on your own and meditate on scripture.

 – Question bowl game – Who is Who? Each person answers a question drawn from the bowl and turns in their answer. The person asking has to guess which answer goes with which person.

Justice Minded –

– Get in twos. Ask each other if they know anyone that is having a hard time. Pray for that person.

– Random acts of kindness – get in groups and come up with a kind act. Follow through after praying for the Holy Spirit to work in the situation.

 – Brainstorm ways we can serve/love cg west side and our communities. Start working on plans.

 – Spend time on prayer for CG staff, pastors, sites, elders and house churches.

 -Invite family members to our fellowship night.

 -Organize a meal or game night with another house church at the ministry center.

 -Serve IPS 96 in some way

 -Care package for missionaries.

 -Documentaries to raise awareness of certain injustices.

 -Larry’s Monastic Exercise Ideas:

•The Bus/train station, a place of natural beauty, a mall food court, steps of the monument circle. Pick 3 different sites and for 30 minutes each be still, listen, observe, focus and learn. From what you see and experience and think and imagine, create a parable that continues the statement…The Kingdom

of God is like_____________________.

– Visit the IMA: stroll the gardens, view and contemplate, listen and see images of God, Jesus, Religion, Kingdom, Heaven, Hell, Creation, Sin, Redemption or images that speak to your soul, to your living (John10:10).

– Take everyone to a park that is not in your socioeconomic part of town (rich or poor) and debrief over a picnic or dinner out…Were you as comfortable allowing your children to play there as your normal place of play? What other feeling/emotions/experiences came up during this exercise.

– Visit a farmer’s market…touch, smell, grit and dirt, feel, listen, earth, grow and ultimately taste.

= Purchase and prepare food for one of your meals. Think about parables Jesus told about soil and growth, think about bread and communion and shared meals, think about garden and God’s redemptive story…back to the Garden.

 – Have everyone share a short video that isn’t directly about God, but they see Him in. Have brief explanation with follow up questions.

 – Have everyone bring a quote of a spiritual nature. Get in groups and read and then answer the same follow up questions.

 – Show & tell – come up with a theme/concept.

 – Sidewalk chalk-squares with words on them. Have people stand in one. One square in the middle -empty.

– Each person shares why they chose that square. Then what would have to be on the middle box to stand in the opposite box?

 -Learn about something new/practical life skills/what others are passionate about: fair trade, environment, stewardship/finances, how to change a tire, how to cook something, ect.


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